Mission and Objectives

Mission As the millennium unfolds to the new era of change for 21st century, we at DRTC strive to be a change maker for the emerging society to endeavour and contribute to the development of Library and Information Science in India, with a special emphasis on the following but not not limited to. 

  • Information and Systems Sciences
  • Documentation
  • Library Science

Objectives Effectively carrying out, guiding and supporting research and development activities in these fields through education, consultancy and research. In facilitating development of libraries and Information centres through effective managment techniques, research & development, advocacy and information skills development and training. DRTC always strives hard to achive this through:

  • Organizing world class training and workshops.
  • Strenghtnening information industry and mobilizing resources and support for libraries and information infrastructure development
  • Improving the existing infrastructure through advocacy, policymaking and goodwill
  • Preparing for the digital economy by research
  • Developing human resources for the career as industry-ready and place students as a trained professionals